Friday, July 24, 2009

Negative, Obnoxious, Rancid.

Disgust me once again,
Dear villain, dear friend.
Desensitised to your darkened soul
You tainted cunt, you have the might,
the cunning, the spark but not the will.
Never the will.

For all I have read
and all I have thought
Nothing I ever write will ever be beautiful
What is this mental ache?
If I had the choice would I change it?
And if I could, for what?

Give me your tears and your sorrow,
Let me fight them for you.
Rid yourself of the pain inside.
For once, for all, let us be happy.

What's to stop us?
Nothing but cowards thoughts
And lethargic motion.
Open it up, dive in, be new.

Don't give me that talk
Of redemption and peace.
These things are right and good and true
but not where you're looking.

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