Monday, December 28, 2009


Robbed from Ciara's wonderful and much better than this blog here

(x) stayed single for the whole year
(x) made out in/on a car
( ) kissed in the snow
( ) celebrated Halloween
(x) kissed in the rain
(x) had your heart broken
(x) broke someone else’s heart
( ) had a stalker
(x) went over the minutes on your cell phone
( ) had a good relationship with someone
(x) someone questioned your sexual orientation
( ) gotten pregnant
( ) had an abortion
(x) have a relationship with someone you’ll never forget
(x) done something you’ve regretted
( ) lost faith in love
( ) kissed under a mistletoe

( ) painted a picture
(x) wrote a poem
(x) ran a mile
( ) shopped at Hollister or Abercrombie and Fitch
(x) posted a blog
(x) listened to music you couldn’t stand
(x) went to a sleepover
( ) went camping
( ) threw a surprise party
(x) laughed till you cried
( ) laughed till you peed in your pants
(x) visited a foreign country
(x) cut in a line of waiting people
(x) told someone you were busy when you weren’t
(x) partied to celebrate the new year
(x) cooked a disastrous meal
(xxxxxxx) lost something/someone important to you

In 2009 I…
(x) broke a promise
(x) lied
(x) went behind your parents back
(x) cried over a broken heart
(x) disappointed someone close
(x) hid a secret
(x) pretended to be happy
(x) slept under the stars
( ) kept your new years resolution
(x) forgot your new years resolution
(x) met someone who changed your life
( ) met one of your idols
(x) changed your outlook on life
(x) sat home all day doing nothing
(x) pretended to be sick
(x) left the country
( ) almost died
(x) given up something important to you
(x) lost something expensive
(x) learned something new about yourself
(x) tried something you normally wouldn’t try and liked it
(x) made a change in your life
(x) found out who your true friends were
(x) met great people
(x) stayed up til sunrise
( ) Cried over the silliest thing
( ) was never home on weekends
( ) got into a car accident
(x) had friends who were drifting away from you
( ) had someone close to you die
(x) had a high cell phone bill
( ) spent most of your money on food
(x) had a fist fight
(x) went to the beach with your best friend
(x) saw a celebrity
(x) gotten sick
( ) liked more than 5 people at the same time
(x) became closer with a lot of people

Super reek of Myspace off that shite. You know, actually, maybe after all the things that went wrong this year I could be coming out on top at the end of it. I've gotten to know some really incredible people this year mostly thanks to Dublin Hardcore and I've reconnected with a lot of old friends I never thought I'd see again.

Yeah, this year I lost possibly my two greatest friends. I guess 13 years of knowing someone really doesn't mean shit to some people but fuck it, that lad is not a part of my life anymore. I don't even 'wish him all the best' or 'hope he dies' I just don't give a fuck what the lad does, no longer a care of mine. The other was my fault entirely, even if I was in no state to change things at the time. Mental health for you.

To keep things positive. . . I really love my new friends, I love how much I've learned this year. I love how much about hardcore I've learned and fallen in love with. I love all the other music in my life. I love Sigur Ros.

I love my old friends Stevie and Scott. They are concrete and they always will be.

I love being a 'recovering alcoholic' and not a fucking idiot. I love not relying on grass to erase my thoughts.

I love Lar and Mac Kell.

I love the Duffy's, a lot.

I hate Maynooth.

I love Steve C and Anto and Jay and Franny and Barry and Ben and Damery and Smokey.

I love Moshspace, for all its failings I've made some amazing friends there.

I love Ciaran Nolan, the greystonians are the kings of the pixies.

I love Roger.

I miss Suzy and Dee. I will always miss Sarah but that's different.

I love Sean Reid and Hamo (and Katelyn and Fiona)

I love David Prendergast.

Contrary to my own belief I love my family. I want my little brother Jimmy to prove everyone wrong. Boss.

I love music. I love playing bass.

I miss Lango but fuck him.

I love Dock and Lefty and (even!) Rob.

I love Adam and Confey and Gary (Although I don't think he loves me)

I love Boyler and Shane (though I never get to see them anymore) and Col and Paige.

I love Mikey, lots.

I love tea. I love coffee.

I love vegetarianism.

I love the bands that mean something to me even if I hardly know anyone in them.

I love Forced Out, Famine, Frustration, The Blind and Crowd Control.

I love Drainland, Bacchus, Enemies, Friends, Two Tales Of Woe, Dyslucsic, Friend?, Melophobia, Pirates On Cat, Home Star Runner, The Shower Scene, Chewing On Fucking Tinfoil, In The Rain, YOUNG WOLVES, you know what I mean.

I love the lyrics to '2008' by Famine more than I love most things.

I love Clique.

I hate hating. I love loving.

I miss my dog Hugo (R.I.P)

I love my instruments.

I love knowing. I love not knowing.

I'm going to add to this later I'd say.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Some Dubstep, Some Remixes

Obviously I really how late I am putting up a dubstep post, I was in the mood and these are a few tunes that sprung to mind. Haven't given myself much time to listen to much Dubstep or DnB these days. If you're interested in this kind of music I strongly recommend you listen to the 'Suck It & See' mix I posted near the bottom of this page.

Other producers you should check out are N-Type, Coki, Distance, Chasing Shadows, The Optimist (Irish). There is a whole load of crap floating around the internet but there's some gold.

A lot of this music reminds me of scagging completely or being in a bad place but I still love it. It's strange really. Most of the music is repetitive and at times monotonous but I'm a sucker for the bass.

Only heard this today, I like it.

Every time I show this to someone they shite. It's a good'un.

I just love this song and this is probably the best remix of it.

This is one of my very favourites.

I was recommended this by a friend, wasn't into it at first but it's not bad.

This is literally all you need to listen to. One of the better sets I've heard. BBC1 Essential Mix sets are usually pretty ace too. Check out Rusko's one.
The Suck It & See Mix by The Lemon Pharma

Like most Distance tunes, this kicks in nice and fat, sweet wobble. So sweet.

I am ashamed of myself for leaving out Kode9 & the Spaceape. Absolutely essential listening.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Is it pretentious to...?

Since we've been jamming and writing the last couple of days the songs, 'Forgive Me Not' in particular has taken on some meaning in my mind. I suppose it's not odd to have music remind you of something or evoke a particular theme but it's strange when it's music we wrote.

Forgive Me Not originally had a set of lyrics I had written as we wrote it, not sure if we're going to use them or even put any vocals in the song at all but the name stayed. Seeing as I wrote the lyrics to the mood of the song I guess that's why these ideas are taking root in my head.

The song is about lost relationships between friends and lovers, families, places etc, brought to the fore of course by the events of this year. I've realised this applies to everyone in the band as well as a wealth of people I know who are proverbially 'fed up'.

I don't know, maybe it's about one relationship in particular, it can probably sum up several in contrasting ways. Either way, we wrote an extra part to the song which we won't play live but it will be on the 7 inch. The working title so far is 'Insomnia Lullaby'. I don't think I have insomnia but I rarely sleep and when I do it's awful. The extension on to the song serves as an outro musically, and a comedown from the theme of the song.

I really enjoy writing music. I don't enjoy lying on a couch at 5:40 blogging about how much I enjoy writing music.

In other news, I can't believe it's the 23rd. We still haven't found a house, I haven't slept for more than 3-4 hours in weeks and I need a shower.

Jamming again tomorrow. Home. Shower. Pack(?). Find a place to live for Christmas. Grin and bear Christmas at home. Sleep. Find a new house.


Forgive Me Not by Overhead, The Albatross

Forgive Me Not by Overhead, The Albatross


The early morning orange hue,
Will never bring me close to you,

This is the coldest I've ever been.
This is the side you've never seen.
The one you never knew existed,
The one you never believed.

Sleep must be so sweet,
For a heart so free of guilt.

This is the death of what I've been,
This is the reason I can't dream.
The times, the fucking times my friend,
The choices we made, have brought this end.

This is the coldest I've ever been.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Jonah by Overhead, The Albatross

At This Stage...

At this stage I can't sleep before 5am, it's usually 6 or 7 but 5 seems like a reasonable enough average. Right now I'm in Clique sitting up on Stevie's laptop uploading an Overhead, The Albatross song.

I'm really happy playing the music that we're playing now. It's instrumental mostly and somehow it feel a lot more meaningful than anything else I've ever been a part of, probably because I'm involved in the writing process and I'm able to contribute insofar as I can help the song take shape, this has never happened for me before.

I really haven't gotten excited over Christmas being around the corner, I'm not normally this Scroogy but I'm just keeping my head low waiting for the year to end. I reckon one or two more things can manage to go wrong before the new year. Ah well, I can't help these things it seems.

It was brought to my attention yesterday (maybe the day before yesterday?) that literally, the worst thing that could have happened in my mind has indeed happened or been happening. People have been walking on eggshells around me, tiptoing around the fact. No, I'm not going to publically air what grieves me because it makes no difference to anybody else. You're not going to read this anyway so who gives a fuck.

I really haven't slept much, I don't want to sleep, I fucking hate nightmares. I should be past this.

Anyway, it looks like I'm going to be losing a lot of my friends by the actions of others, well, no. That's not fair, this is all my doing in the first place but FUCK ME I hugely overestimated the value one person in particular put on our friendship.

There's nothing I can do about it. I would still literally do anything for these people and I'm a fucking idiot for being that way.


I shouldn't publish that, probably. I was on such a good (not bad) buzz this week. It's ok though because I'm done complaining to people who knew this was happening in the first place. Man I feel like a fucking idiot writing all of this, I literally don't care though. Why the fuck should I?

I am going to lose so many friends who clearly will be spending more time in your company. Yeah, I ran away, yeah all of that.

The funny thing is I expected this and I'm still in a fucking heap over it.

I love the both of you.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Accidentally Thinking Back On Music.

In 2010 I will be going back to college. This time I'm going to do journalism in Ballyfermot, it's only a diploma for my first year, after that I can do a degree course certified by DCU, this is the plan. This will happen.

My new band, Overhead, The Albatross will be recording over Christmas in Clique which I'm really looking forward to. I think we'll be recording the tracks live and putting out a 7 inch. I really enjoy playing in this band so far, it's such a nice vibe when we jam unlike anything I've had prolonged experience in before. The lads are fantastic musicians and we all come from the same-ish musical background which is cool.

Actually that's probably worth writing about, by musical background I mean we all went to the same school and were subjected to the same tripe all the mainstream trendy popular kids were lapping up, watered down hip hop and indie drivel. I remember my first year in school I heard three albums that changed everything about music in my life.

They were:

Three albums I still love, back then I used to listen to all sorts of shite. I listen to Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park, the first two System Of A Down albums, Limp Bizkit. You get the idea. I thought that was going against the grain. That's how straight my school was.

I've been listening to Pink Floyd since I was a baby, I can't remember how long 'Wish You Were Here' has been in my life. I'm working on a new Echoes based tattoo for my leg.

I remember my good friend Stevie bringing Slipknot's first album into school and trying to get me to listen to it. I told him to get it away from me and to burn it. What was I thinking? I'd love to know what else I was into back then, I loved Eminem, of course I did. I loved all my parents music.

I was probably the only kid in the school with Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel albums.

Alice In Chains, Nirvana and Soundgarden all played a big part in my angsty teen years, Pearl Jam too, to a lesser extent.

I never like Maiden or Priest, it took me a while to get into Sabbath but I remember hearing NIB and having my face blown off. Slayer, much to the dismay of many friends, never held a place in my heart, nor did Megadeath.

This is turning into a list. Sweet. Haha I think I might have to admit my love for 90's floor fillers at this point. Dave Pearce was a king. I remember thinking 'Freestyler' by Bomfunk MC was the best song ever, that and 'Sandstorm' by Darude. So many are springing to mind.

I listened to some garbage.

I suppose I owe a lot to Scott and the Red Enemy lads. Scott turned me on to Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. The lads turned me onto modern metal. I remember being shown Chimaira and thinking they were the heaviest band I would ever hear. Oh how that makes me chuckle now. This is because I was (and still am) a huge Chilli Peppers fan. Back then, the 2004/5 wave of metalcore blew my mind purely because I had never heard anything like it. Haha, I tried listening to KSE recently, The End Of Heartache, not happening. Alive Or Just Breathing is still a fucking beast.

Actually come to think of it, not only did I used to arrive to practice with a RHCP shirt on, I'd be listening to Bowie at the time, or OH SWEET SHIT NO, Dream Theater. . . I'm cringing.

I had a friend in the year above me who tried his hardest to get me into bands like Nevermore and death metal that was way above my head at the time. Having said that I went to see Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert and Virgil Donati play their own shows. That is not music for those of you who don't know.

I eventually got into Tool, A Perfect Circle, Deftones and that kind of thing. Crowbar, Down, COC, all these bands didn't arrive into my ears until I was in Two Tales Of Woe when I was about 17. How grateful I am, you will never know.

I used to hate punk, apart from The Offspring. I didn't get the Blink 182 obsession, I used to see these bands on every station, in every magazine and I hated them. I was such an ignorant little fuck and I was completely self righteous and snobby about it too. I would never have even thought of listening to bands like NOFX or Rancid, not in a million years. It took me years to cop on. Some of my friends are still trapped back there, hate that.

Oh shit, how did I forget? One of my favourite albums from back in the day.

I don't know how I eventually got into hardcore, sludge, doom, trip hop, dubstep or anything that I listen to now. Ambient music, electronic music, all of this stuff just dawned on my consciousness one day.

Oh no, I must also mention I was obsessesd with 'O' by Damien Rice for a long time too. I owned Will Smith's Willenium and that's not the most embarrassing item in my collection. I don't think I'm quite ready to unveil what that particular item was. I think I may have said it to one or two people.

Ah fuck it. Ladies and Gentlemen, I was the not so proud owner of:

Hahaha oh yes. I also had the single for 'Blue' by Eiffel 65. I don't know why at this point Ricki Lee Jones and R.E.M. are flashing up in the front of my mind.

I'm not even going to read back over this. I'm sure it's full of too many treats.

I think at this point in time my favourite albums of 2009 are:

So how that happened I don't know. It's late again. Come hang out before the year is done with.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

This is something I found when I was going through my hospital stuff. Not lyrics, I don't remember writing this but I can imagine what kind of state I was in when I did.

I've been here four weeks and two days today, the First of October.

Today was a real drag. I feel low. I can't explain it. I know how to pull myself up but it doesn't seem to be doing the trick. Today in particular the pain is almost unbearable. I can't shake it.

I know now what regret really is.

I know what pain I have put upon people.

I know now, being a better person that I was a month ago, how shit a person I've been.

I can't help wanting to do damage.

I feel like a time bomb tonight.

I want to take out some kind of deep brewing rage on something.

I feel more capable of doing that now.

I've been using my time wisely.

I've been using my energy efficiently.

I can't shake this.

There is something hidden here, an uncertain indefinable horror.

Why the fuck is this not working. I was doing so well.

Blind faith is working but it's only getting me so far.

I really feel destructive tonight. I need to see somebody before I do any damage.

I'm starting to shake again.


So run to your church,

hide under your steeple.

You're still the same cowards,

Self righteous shell people.

I was fairly shocked when I read back over this, I wrote it when I was in hospital and I was thinking about a lot of bad shit that happened growing up and in school. The violence I'm not into but fuck I hate those kinds of cunts. Everyone's been through some form of it.

There is nothing worse than you coward scum,

take another swing at me,

This time I can't wait.

Never let those fucking pricks get you down,

never change who you are or what you do,

Bully scum deserve to die.

Nasty fucking vomit mind.

I wish I wish I had the chance,

to seek revenge and on throats dance,

jump up and down right on your head,

I'll crush your skull, I'll make you dead.


Strung along by strung out dreams

and promises ripped at the seams.

By my intentions, my truest words,

And all I fucking did was hurt.