Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Is it pretentious to...?

Since we've been jamming and writing the last couple of days the songs, 'Forgive Me Not' in particular has taken on some meaning in my mind. I suppose it's not odd to have music remind you of something or evoke a particular theme but it's strange when it's music we wrote.

Forgive Me Not originally had a set of lyrics I had written as we wrote it, not sure if we're going to use them or even put any vocals in the song at all but the name stayed. Seeing as I wrote the lyrics to the mood of the song I guess that's why these ideas are taking root in my head.

The song is about lost relationships between friends and lovers, families, places etc, brought to the fore of course by the events of this year. I've realised this applies to everyone in the band as well as a wealth of people I know who are proverbially 'fed up'.

I don't know, maybe it's about one relationship in particular, it can probably sum up several in contrasting ways. Either way, we wrote an extra part to the song which we won't play live but it will be on the 7 inch. The working title so far is 'Insomnia Lullaby'. I don't think I have insomnia but I rarely sleep and when I do it's awful. The extension on to the song serves as an outro musically, and a comedown from the theme of the song.

I really enjoy writing music. I don't enjoy lying on a couch at 5:40 blogging about how much I enjoy writing music.

In other news, I can't believe it's the 23rd. We still haven't found a house, I haven't slept for more than 3-4 hours in weeks and I need a shower.

Jamming again tomorrow. Home. Shower. Pack(?). Find a place to live for Christmas. Grin and bear Christmas at home. Sleep. Find a new house.


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