Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Some Dubstep, Some Remixes

Obviously I really how late I am putting up a dubstep post, I was in the mood and these are a few tunes that sprung to mind. Haven't given myself much time to listen to much Dubstep or DnB these days. If you're interested in this kind of music I strongly recommend you listen to the 'Suck It & See' mix I posted near the bottom of this page.

Other producers you should check out are N-Type, Coki, Distance, Chasing Shadows, The Optimist (Irish). There is a whole load of crap floating around the internet but there's some gold.

A lot of this music reminds me of scagging completely or being in a bad place but I still love it. It's strange really. Most of the music is repetitive and at times monotonous but I'm a sucker for the bass.

Only heard this today, I like it.

Every time I show this to someone they shite. It's a good'un.

I just love this song and this is probably the best remix of it.

This is one of my very favourites.

I was recommended this by a friend, wasn't into it at first but it's not bad.

This is literally all you need to listen to. One of the better sets I've heard. BBC1 Essential Mix sets are usually pretty ace too. Check out Rusko's one.
The Suck It & See Mix by The Lemon Pharma

Like most Distance tunes, this kicks in nice and fat, sweet wobble. So sweet.

I am ashamed of myself for leaving out Kode9 & the Spaceape. Absolutely essential listening.

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  1. Ahh Kode 9. An Actual genius. You know he's written a book about Sonic Terrorism too right?

    Lately I have been enjoying King Midas Sound and Broken Note. Investigate them.