Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just Felt Like Writing

The Thom Yorke 'Spitting Feathers' E.P came out in November 2006, the same year as his album 'The Eraser'.

This song, Harrowdown Hill is on the album but I prefer this version, I can safely say I've listened to Yorke's solo releases more than I've listened to any Radiohead album. I wish he was my introduction to electronic music. The Eraser is one of my favourite albums.

Thom has some fantastic stuff. I'm kind of reluctant to post any blocks of lyrics of his because if they're pointed out to you then they can't have the same relevance to you as they would if you found them on your own. (I'm not sure that makes sense).

So, I'm up again, it's 4.00. Everyone who lives here is in bed, I'm in Castledawson in Maynooth still.

I don't know what I'm doing, there's something floating around in my head that wants to get out but I can't thread the needle. I don't think it's anything too serious, it's great this being a 'happy person' business. It is a little weighty though, fuck it, it's not important.

I don't know if other people are like this, hear me out for a second.

I always engage myself in conversations with people that I mightn't necessarily know that well about things that are outside the social conventions that we're so bound to. For example, I'll tell somebody how great I think their band/lyric/song is. I'll immediately feel weird about it but I keep going. Some people are more than happy to divert the awkwardness by talking about whatever I brought up, others will shrug and look at me in a weird way. Either way, I'll leave feeling like a spanner.

I suppose it looks like a fanboy thing. It's not, I like talking to people about their creations and if I like something I'll almost definitely tell you, even if I don't know you. I can't really help it in the sense that if I feel like telling you something I'm pretty much powerless over the action.

Enough about that.


What a line, what a band.

At this stage I'm just fighting off the battle for sleep. I'll go to bed now and I'll lie there in the dark, not miserable, not even in a bad mood, just poxy awake.

I want to have a conversation about something entirely stupid, something entirely meaningful and something entirely musical. Actually yeah, I want to talk to somebody about music, not bands or business or bullshit like that. I want to talk about music in a pretentious way.

Fuck off away out of that Kildare.

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