Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Sometimes I'm slow to get music, I just got lots of Four Tet stuff I either neglected to download or just plain hadn't heard. I think Dialogue is a cool album.

I went through the DIY Irish HardcorePunk Archive and downloaded all the posts I missed, I can't wait to go through it all and give myself an education. It's a really damn good blog if you're that way inclined.

It looks like I won't be going to Sweden unless the volcanic ash magically disappears before tomorrow morning. That sucks, I was really looking forward to hanging with Casey. I'm supposed to be flying into Copenhagen and getting the train to Malmo tomorrow evening. I posted some Swedish music yesterday in the form of Little Dragon so I suppose in keeping with where I was supposed to originally fly to I'll do Denmark.
I couldn't think of anything except for Lars Ulrich being Danish so you're gettting this.

I looked up more Danish music and learned that this little beast came from there too.

This is Trentmoller, another artist I had no idea was Danish. This is worth listening to.

I should maybe give these posts a little more structure, I quite enjoy posting the first music that pops into my head because it's never in the same vein, well rarely. I want homework. Give me a topic/genre/band to do a post on.

I suppose I can't have a post mentioning Icelandic volcanoes and not post something from Iceland. I didn't want to post Sigur Ros but I'm going to. Fuck you.

I'm also going to post some Amiina, another Icelandic group, a multi instrumental string quartet. Sometimes their synth wrecks my head but this song is lovely.

I should put some Múm up here too, this is more electronic than Amiina or Sigur Ros but for some reason I feel it falls into the same category, perhaps there is a definitive genre called Incredible Iceland. This is the last video for this post anyway, there's no way anybody's going to listen to all of them, kudos if you do.

All in all, today has been fine. My great granny is 91 and she just called the pharmacist a silly bitch, there's homemade soup downstairs, I have an interview for Pulse on May 6th and I did and interview for Overhead, The Albatross here.


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