Thursday, May 13, 2010

Being On The Bus

I suppose almost everybody I know can relate to spending a good chunk of their lives on buses. Being a jackeen, my weapon of no choice has always been Dublin Bus. I can't remember how long it's been since I took my first bus ride or how long it's been since the bus became such a solid part of my life.

The 40 was definitely the first bus I would have taken on my own, from the Bottom Of The Hill in Finglas to Parnell St. and I hate that bus, I always will. There's nothing good about taking a disproportionate amount of time to get from one place to another on a second rate vehicle that's late half the time. The 83 was a late discovery for me. It went from just across the road from the 40 and landed me almost invariably closer to where I needed to go, the quays. That's a better bus by far actually.

Anyway, I hadn't intended on writing about all the different buses and why I like or dislike them suffice to say the 25's 66's 67's and more recently 46's have all taken decent chunks of my time with them. The point in this was this. Last night whilst traveling from Maynooth to Chapelizod at roughly half past ten I was struck, although not for the first time, by how much I enjoy being on the bus with my headphones on.

Obviously this can't be the case for rush hour buses leaving town or weekend buses heading in that way but when it's late and dark out or just empty in general, I love it.

That's all.

Oh, and listen to Animals by Pink Floyd and Only Boundaries by Balance & Composure


  1. I love talk about buses and public transport for some reason. The dreaded 66 and 67/a are the slowest routes in the world, but there definitely is something comforting about being on a bus with headphones. It's something you take for granted, because when you start driving, you don't get to chill out. You have to concentrate for the same time as you could read, listen to music or look out the window on the bus. There's something class about paying money to do nothing else but sit down. Almost like the cinema.

    Sorry if I sound like shitehawk, I've been reading loads of deep shit for college all morning.

  2. Feel free man, I love it. I love walking around places at night with music on when people are stumbling around the streets hammered, it should probably be an intimidating feeling but I love Westmoreland street or even main street on Maynooth when I'm on my own and everyone else is jim jarred.