Monday, May 31, 2010

Benga - Pleasure EP

I was writing a little bit there about that EP and why I liked it, as I was going through it, I started liking it less and less. I used to prefer the old version of 'Loose Synths' but the version on Diary Of An Afroman is clearly better.

Anyway, this is the only tune I want to post from Benga tonight.

OH YEAH! Today I had a really nice walk through the park, down into the Furry Glen and back up to the Mount Sackville gate, completely forgetting that area is rent boy city.

As I was walking out of from under the canopy there was a pretty stocky early 30 something lad walking towards me, he was looking at me so I gave him a nod and said hello.

I continued to walk and I heard him whistle quietly after me, I turned around and he beckoned me to come after him with his hand. I shook my head and kept going. He whistled again but this time I had my key in between my index and middle finger and he must have copped it because he turned and walked away.


I went home and saw three lads getting questioned by undercover GardaĆ­ in bulletproof vests. It was really odd, Chapelizod is usually dead quiet and full of old people.

I really do love living here. I made some tasty spaghetti and watched more Firefly.

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