Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tonight Tonight

After 65daysofstatic and Loops Haunt tonight in Crawdaddy (which was a really good gig, I go to gigs on my own a lot but I wish I had someone to bop with at that), I went for one of my beloved strolls around the city, it was only a short one, down Harcourt St. and around Temple Bar-ish. I listened to this.

It's quite like Burial, I love that kind of music for walking around at night, suits the mood I'm in usually.

I need to* get back into the swing of doing something productive, I can't wait until the lads are all finished their exams. In the band we have people doing Sound Engineering, Law, Film and Music. Dave owns the studio so he's allowed not be in college, I'm quite looking forward to going to Pulse.

*Or I may begin to inwardly spiral again...Balls to that. I need to hang around with people on the daily.

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