Monday, May 31, 2010

The Usual

 Israel, I don't know what I can say that hasn't already be said, nor do I want to say focus on one thing and have it look like I miss the point. In general though, fuck you.

When I heard the Ambassador to Ireland's statement on the news and I was fuming. I can't find it online anywhere, I'm sure it'll be on the 9 o'clock news.

Nick Clegg condemned the Israeli government last year, he's been very quiet so far today, prick.

Nick Clegg, you are a prick. Fight me.

In other news, today I watched more Firefly, I played a really good game of Civ4, then my laptop died. I ate, tried again and was triumphant.

I've listened to 6.9 hours of music today so far. Listening to everything I own is turning out to be a monstrous challenge.

I listened to Paramore at the Brixton Academy in 2008, this tour I think.

It's only alright, there's nothing really new about what this band do and I still don't think I like it, apart from a few catchy hooks.

Then I listened to Parasite by See You Next Tuesday which is just fucking silly, quite entertaining though.

Then a little bit of a change of tone, the magnifique Django Reinhardt & Steph√°ne Grapelli on Parisian Swing, a two disc album. The most memorable track for me for some reason is After You've Gone.


Then it was on to Crowbar, a compilation called Past & Present. It's got the live version of Self Inflicted on it. It's not this version though, Kirk's vocals are better on the version I have.

Then I listened to a Luciano Pavarotti album entitled Pavarotti, I can only assume it's a greatest hits of some description. Of all the tenors I've heard, Pavarotti's voice doesn't do it for me, he does however, sing some incredible songs. Don't ask me what tenors I prefer, I've just heard a fair few more that have voices that suit me better.

Up next was Eagles Of Death Metal' album 'Peace Love Death Metal' which is ok, it's quite middle of the road-y though isn't it? There weren't any tracks that jumped out at me, mind you, conquering the world in Civ4 may have been distracting.

Oh yeah, I listened to Provokief's 'Peter And The Wolf' for the first time since sitting in Music class in first year (Class: 1M, Classroom: C1, Teacher: Miriam Wright) Gas.

Now I'm listening to Tchaikovsky's 'Allegro Brillante' I am enjoying it thoroughly. I hope whoever called me pretentious reads this and is having a right old titter to him or herself.

This is a different and incomplete version. I wish Youtube would lift the time restriction on videos. I still can't believe it's only been a site for 5 years!

I'll probably update again tonight after I listen to loads more.

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