Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekend, No Nachos

I had such a great weekend. My memory is dreadful so I'll piece it together as best I can.

On Friday we jammed for the first time since February and it went surprisingly well, we ran through the set a few times then Vinny, Luke and Stevie got to work on the bones of a new song. The dogs were acting the bollocks, good dogs.

Oh yeah, I had been to see Venetian Snares that week, on Wednesday which was an experience, I enjoyed it and he played a really good set but it was so damn intense. No metal show or any other show for that matter has ever been that intense on my head before. I had to watch it in 5 - 10 minute bursts!

I was convinced to head out to Monkstown Farm after that so I automatically lost a couple of days. After a couple of days of no sleep, I got home for 3 hours sleep and went jamming. Like I said, it went surprisingly well.

On Saturday, I woke up on the button at 12.30, just in time to get up, have a cup of green tea, grab a banana and a toastie and leg it in to see IWrestledABearOnce. The guy they had working in The Pint this weekend sucked, bad. If I wasn't there to see my friends play, I would have left, and I did after they finished!

There were so many kids there, it was sweltering. I hadn't seen Hero In Error in about a year, which is pure craziness. I whole heartedly enjoyed their set and gave some kids a good bashing, proper order. 3o Nights Of Violence played a reunion/last show at this and they fucking killed it. I forgot my morph suit so I settled for pulling Dirty Dancing moves atop the crowd.

I left during IWABO because I couldn't hear anything. On the way home I grabbed a burrito in Boojum and an old school 99! I made my way home in the heat and getting burnt was worth it.

I got a text from an old friend, Megan, who is going away to London for 4 months, she asked me to come over so I went to her place on Parliament street and we hung out for the night, it was great to catch up and chill out. When she fell asleep, I felt a little bit like having an adventure, so I did.

I climbed on the roof of the apartment block and watched the sunrise all morning, it was beautiful, there are pictures on my Facebook. It was a lovely experience, being up there on my own, watching the city wake up. I think I can do it from my house, I might start doing that if I can. I got through to another friend, Dave and he was up for an adventure too.

He came in from Blackrock in a taxi and we started for the docks, talking about loads. We had some pretty mental discussions about physics, religion, drugs, law and growing up, he's quite a knowledgeable guy and we have a hell of a lot of experiences in common. Dave's from New Zealand, I'd like to go there.

We found a seal hanging out on the new bridge by docklands, he was chilling in the sun, waving and barking to us, looking for the craic. I took a picture, what a good lad.

We went back up by the new Grand Canal Theatre which looks amazing and then headed up towards the Iveagh Gardens and Stephen's Green and walked until they were open. We ended up chilling in the green being roasted alive by the sun listening to The Blind on my phone.

I brought Dave to that show because he knows his music and hasn't been to any DHC shows, as I expected, he was pleasantly surprised by both The Blind and Frustration, he couldn't get over how friendly everybody was and how good the vibe was at the show. Good job lads. Both bands played really good sets.

I left before First Death and Find A Way played. Mental decision I know but I couldn't hack the heat, I wouldn't have been able to enjoy either one of the sets. Find A Way were definitely one of the first bands that gave me a proper appreciation of local music for the atmosphere they provided time and time again but I'm just not a massive pop punk fan. I'll always love the times I had watching that band but I'm not going to lie for the sake of trying to fall in line. I was too late to get into a lot of the older bands to fully get it. Actually, thinking back on it, I don't think I know another band who gave me so much lasting joy to watch. I just wouldn't feel right saying that band meant so much to me when it's very clear that Find A Way meant so much more to so many more people and I would never begrudge anybody of that. Well done lads, you'll be missed.

I went home then, and I slept, like a log, for 15 hours. It was fantastic. I don't remember sleeping for that long in ages!

Yesterday, I got up and watched a lot of How I Met Your Mother, I'm on Season 4 now. It's good. I posted my deposit for Pulse, sorted, and went into town to go to the bank. I was just strolling about for a while, sweltering, but refusing to take off my Balance & Composure crewneck I just got in the post that day!

I went to try another new burrito place, Pablo Picante, at Sk's request. It sucked. It didn't half come close to Boojum. I'm like an ad.

I had another Shake at Shakes too, a Rolo, it wasn't great. Then I met up with Peter and Balfey and Emmie et al and we got the 46a out to the Hideaway House. I had never been to a Hideaway show before so I was delighted to be able to see this, final one. There was a couple of hundred of people there and the buzz was great, lots of people I didn't know, lots of suns.

I grabbed a six pack of alcohol free Becks and even still I felt weird walking around with bottles. It felt good to be having a few brews at a gig though, it's mad how that felt good, it's only a beverage!

The line up was a secret but it was leaked and leaked as the day got closer. I had somebad information obviously and thankfully. I heard that Etcha and Villagers were playing, Etcha would have been good but I just don't get the Villagers buzz. Anyway, the line up was Jogging (meh), Logic Party (meh) Find A Way (The most delish major fun times), And So I Watch You From Afar (First time seeing them and wow!) and a really lovely garden set from Heathers, they're a great duo. It was a really nice night.

To top it all off I got to see all the Duffys in the same place again and had the chats with Laura, Darragh and Serene on the way home.

Then I slept. Now I'm typing. Phew.

I would post some songs but my hand is tired. Later.


  1. I approve of this weekend, especially the fun sunrise adventures and philosophical talks...and the Boojum! But don't judge Logikparty or Jogging too quickly - they both said their sets were really messy. I love Logikparty a lot but do think they're a late-night rock rather than a social space band. That said..glad you like ASIWYFA. I love them more than anything else :)

  2. I've seen Jogging before and I will see them again, I just can't find anything that's giving me the certain something I'd like to be able to like them for (if that makes any sense). As for Logikparty, I mean, I'm into a huge spectrum of different types of music but there's nothing there for me, maybe I'll like a studio version. I've liked ASIWYFA for yonks, so glad I finally got to see them live.