Tuesday, June 1, 2010


We're playing a gig tomorrow in The Pint. It's going to be mega good fun. 

We're playing with:

Chewing On Tinfoil
Willow (First show, Fleex Foxes vibe)
Daniel Fox (Never heard him, looking forward to it)

We're playing a new bit tomorrow too. Stevie wrote it and we're using it an as intro to the set, we'll play it right into Jonah. When Stevie wrote it, it was different, I promise. Now it sounds like a mega Sigur Ros rip off. I don't mind, it sounds good to my ears and I enjoy playing it, we'll change it if it becomes a song.

I'm kind of debating how I should play it though, I get two rounds with Ben of it being played at its fullest volume. I'm thinking slide(ish) then octaves second time round but I found some really odd chords that work too, might just leave those until we record it. It's such a small part (the whole piece) so it's no biggie.

As well as Stevie, I have another best friend who I don't talk about as much, he's Scott. That was us, the three of us started playing music together and played our first gig ever with each other. Scott, and I don't think anybody who knows him will mind me saying, is the finest musician I know. 

He's a guitarist, Stevie and I both play two instruments and I have no qualms in saying I am and always was the runt of the litter, those guys can play. Scott though, fucking Scott. Did you ever hear someone saying that tone is in the fingers? Well this dude has it, taste, talent, tits for brains (ah no, he's actually a genius too). 

Anyway, he's never going to read this so I can say what I want! He's going to Chicago for four months with his college mates, that'll be the longest I have't seen him since I met him first in 2001. It only dawned on me today in the studio tonight how badly I'm going to miss him. I sat down and listened to Stevie and Scott playing tonight, I didn't pick up a guitar or a bass, would have ruined it. I sneakily pressed record on my phone, I was in a fucking studio, I could easily have set up a mic, anyway.

I hit record and I'm not going to listen to it for a couple of days, I don't know why. It's there though. They were just jamming it out on some improvised chord progression, then some left of centre blues, then I asked them to play an old favourite of all three of ours', Little Wing. They played it so well. I'll put it up here depending on the sound quality. 

My fucking word do I love those lads, I would have nothing to do with music still if it wasn't for them, more than Pink Floyd, more than Red Enemy. Oh and by the by, after all the last couple years business, those two have been right fucking there. 

Oh man, I'm definitely going to write a post of all the mischief we used to get up to. LADS. 

There are four great songs. I'm going to bed, I have a long day tomorrow.

I wish I was going on tour with Forced Out.

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