Friday, July 24, 2009

Bearing Regret

If only I could draw
I'd draw you what's in my mind
If I could let go
and give you everything.
All of me would be yours.

And then comes creeping
negative thought and smoke,
clearing out all of the good
and I can't find the sense.

Making the illogical my straight way
is all I can do.
It's never you I lie to, never,
Just myself.

Mountainous Structures

A mess of incompetence,
desired creativity.
Tear it down, start again.
Your people are weak.
Your plan has failed.
Don't you fucking lie to us.

Tonight I saw a little girl,
a product and nothing else,
I could not help her, I could only hand her change.
Will she see the night through?

I don't begrudge those who live as they please.
In homes, with family, with cash, with love.
But for the sake of a person.
Please show some dignity, some humanity.

A concept, destined to perish,
altered all the way.
We can give it a good shot though,
until our dying day.

Negative, Obnoxious, Rancid.

Disgust me once again,
Dear villain, dear friend.
Desensitised to your darkened soul
You tainted cunt, you have the might,
the cunning, the spark but not the will.
Never the will.

For all I have read
and all I have thought
Nothing I ever write will ever be beautiful
What is this mental ache?
If I had the choice would I change it?
And if I could, for what?

Give me your tears and your sorrow,
Let me fight them for you.
Rid yourself of the pain inside.
For once, for all, let us be happy.

What's to stop us?
Nothing but cowards thoughts
And lethargic motion.
Open it up, dive in, be new.

Don't give me that talk
Of redemption and peace.
These things are right and good and true
but not where you're looking.

Sometimes downsides.

Love is not.
Another man made mind fuck.
To have the world in your hands
and your soul in flight
is a lie, and a tease and a joke.

Writing can't describe this,
Nothing can come close.

Untitled 1

There is no way to tell,
No path to follow,
And this means nothing to you.
Nothing at all
And I'm sick of your apathy
You won't be my downfall.


Beating fists on iron chests
with nothing else to show,
for the words I hear
and the things I see mean
nothing to those who know.

Pacing over empty spaces
callous and cold truth
comes shrieking in through
mental windows looking
for the path of most destruction

Ructions breeding ructions over
nothing of real worth
Controlling all we know and hate
This is my fucking head
This is your fucking rule.

Stay Awake

I think I've lost it this time

I'm nearly sure.

Still hanging on,

The skin of my teeth might be my salvation

And all the things I said were true

I lied only to myself

I still do, I still fake it.

I can't even believe I'm doing this.

This shameful facade,

the playful charade

has to end, has to die

I have no sight.


There will be a light,

there has to be something I can change

I know I won't feel this way forever

but I'm just glad to be feeling this time.

Bitter apathy has gripped me so long

I fear it has turned my numb into stone

Spinning Cogs

All we can see is all we can hear

Where do we draw the line between

monotony and mindless nothingness

revolutionary thoughts

spinning cogs that mean nothing

The parade will keep on rolling

The charade will tumble and stagger

It's all see through

It's all the fucking worst

We are all tied to this

Trying to keep our heads up,

the struggle and the bitter fight,

We throw away all we were given,

all we had the privilege to ignore.

Just give me a fucking reason.