Sunday, August 23, 2009

Billboard Destiny

There's blood in this machine.
It's trickling through the waves.
Flow is getting heavy now.

Stand up to the tide,
try it, it's too late.
There's no way back for you.

Harder to see the mistakes.
When they're all you've ever had.
This is you, you made this.

You will die. You will cease to be. Nothing you can do now will grant you eternal peace. Rot.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Keep passing them down,
down to your children, and your false friends.
These morals mean nothing to you,
just another cross you think you bear.

We are the flies at the window,
we will never see.

You have the remarkable talent of making me laugh while holding down vomit.

Voice: Alpha & Omega

One day, it will all fall together,
out of place and disjointed.
I will relish this day, I will make it mine.

The tide is turning,
slowly and more slowly but surely.
Dead sure, this is the way.

Until then, this hopeless situation will worsen
Nothing gets resolved, people are still rancid rotting masses of flesh.
There is good inside, there is hope, there is strength.

Nothing is special about you. I am at war with your ignorance.

Holding on to the truth with my nails dug in,
Blood pouring down my hands as I plead with the voice of reason.
It is in you and it is the only true thing you can call your self.

Look beyond you stupid cunt.

There's something I hate about this
Amongst the rest, something intangible.

You can't see like I can see,
You can't taste it in the air when they lie.
You are fake, you are nothing, you are not.

Follow on, follow high,
Don't hold your breath,
I'm not going to 'see the light'
I am not the same as you.

Never fucking forget that.